we invest in companies that help consumers

HVM Strategies is on a mission to grow B2C companies that help consumers. Our portfolio is comprised of companies that advocate for consumer rights, increase consumer awareness, and offer transparency in their services and products.

About us

HVM Strategies is a boutique venture capital firm that targets 'seed-stage' opportunities. We look for investment opportunities that focus on consumer protection, are based on recurring revenue models, and provide a vehicle for consumer participation in corporate governance. Our investments are driven by our mission to increase corporate transparency, and find startups that serve underserved markets.

Our investment thesis is simple.

Long-term growth comes from value far in-excess of consumer expectations and industry norms.


Learn about our portfolio of companies and partners.

Tranparent Timeshare Cancellation.
Cancel Timeshare
AI Driven Credit Repair.
Credit Renew
Streamlined content creation for marketing teams.
The marketplace to buy or sell a timeshare for free.
Allied Transfers
Pooling instead of renting your vacation property.
SaaS based web-design and deployment.

our commitment

HVM Strategies is committed to a unique investment and acquisition model based on our three tenets to success.

Consumer Protection as a Service (CPAAS)

We invest in opportunities that put consumer protection into service deliverables. Companies who serve disadvantaged markets will eventually play a leading role in non-governmental corporate governance. A new era of B2C transparency and realignment will allow for unrivaled growth in the consumer protection sector.

Empowerment through Innovation

Our growth model is simple - we look for opportunities that empower underserved demographics through unique solutions. Courageous challenges to the status quo is the basis of our ecosystem of companies and partners.

Affordable Solutions

Underserved markets often face solutions that are overpriced and unaffordable. HVM Strategies provides the runway for our companies to change the pricing paradigm in our markets. Loss Leader Strategy isn't an option, but a requirement in our venture model.