About us

Harbor Ventures is on a mission to take great ideas and turn them into great products & services before founders are forced to give up equity and control.

our mission

We are a venture capital fund that provides seed-stage capital to companies that are changing the way businesses interact with consumers. We partner with entrepreneurs that create significant paradigm shifts for consumers. We believe companies that are driven by purpose will yield longer-term growth and out-perform their peers.

our commitment

Harbor Ventures is committed to a unique investment and acquisition model based on our three tenets to success.

Value Starts With People

We invest in opportunities that put people at the forefront of solving problems. Great solutions serve the underserved, add-value at every touch point, and help people lead better lives.

Empowerment Through Innovation

Our growth model is simple - we look for opportunities that empower underserved demographics through unique solutions. Courageous challenges to the status quo is the basis of our ecosystem of companies and partners.

Affordable Solutions

Underserved markets often face solutions that are overpriced and unaffordable. Harbor Ventures provides the runway for our companies to change the pricing paradigm in our markets. Loss Leader Strategy isn't an option, but a requirement in our venture model.